A circular resource collection
turning waste into money
and resources

What is Nephron?

Nephron, a robot utilizing Industry 4.0 technology, embodies SuperBin’s philosophy
of the circular economy. It trades with people who bring waste. It sorts and collects circular resources and pays money to those
who bring them.

*Nephron refers to the smallest unit of the kidney. Just like the kidney that cleans and purifies the blood, our recycling robot, Nephron, collects recyclables in the city to clean and purify the world.


Nephron self-
learns and

SuperBin and

Nephron’s image sensing AI determines recyclability, and its deep-learning system increases accuracy.

Our AI system can select recyclable
waste regardless of its shape
or damaged barcode.

Nephron has
not only AI
but also other
Industry 4.0
technologies as follows.

Big Data

Big data on waste is accumulated from images of recyclable resources.

Remote control

The robot is remotely controlled and its state is checked in real time.


A robotic technology identifies and sorts recyclable resources.


Nephron pays rewards when
cans or PET bottles are

SuperBin forms a new waste market. It establishes its
own waste trade platform by connecting the devices,
app service, and central control system(server).


SuperBin directly manages the
Nephron Operation Service

SuperBin’s own
professionals manage

We check and maintain Nephron, collect resources, and respond to any issues, including how to use the machine.


Installation Process
of Nephron

Meeting with Business Stakeholders

Discuss installation quantities, locations, etc. with the Nephron project stakeholders.

Site Survey for Installation

Finalize Nephron installation locations considering foot traffic, electricity, ground conditions, etc., accompanied by business stakeholders.

Contract Drafting

Draft contracts by negotiating details of installation and operation.

Nephron Installation

Nephron installations take place at designated dates and locations.

Provision of Operational Services

Provide Nephron usage guidance, resource recovery, inspections, customer support, and operational performance reports.

The Innovative Device : Nephron Basic PET

A complex object recognition system and method based on artificial neural network analysis, certified by the Procurement Agency for its high selectivity and innovative features. PET ver. released in 2022(NephronBasic_PETtype) / CAN ver. released in 2024(NephronBasic_CANtype)

네프론 베이직
네프론 베이직
네프론 베이직
네프론 베이직
네프론 베이직

Nephron Basic

a next-generation model with
upgraded design and user experience but for a reduced production cost, released in 2021

네프론 오브제
네프론 오브제
네프론 오브제
네프론 오브제
네프론 오브제

Nephron Objet

a work-of-art model with an interior-conscious design, released in 2021

네프론 오리지널
네프론 오리지널
네프론 오리지널
네프론 오리지널
네프론 오리지널

Nephron Original

SuperBin’s first signature model, released in 2017

Nephron FAQ

Check out various information on how to use Nephron and its installation